Climate Angels Network

Country Research Briefs, 2021​

As part of our efforts to map the climate tech landscape in South & Southeast Asia – we have curated regional snapshots of the countries we are looking to drive early-stage investments in, namely Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, Philippines & Vietnam

These regional research briefs address key aspects such as: impacts of climate change, climate change & startup policies, the upcoming climate tech startups and key stakeholders who are increasingly investing in this space.






Combined Report

Gender Impact Framework​

As part of our efforts to build awareness around Gender Lens Investing among beneficiaries, we worked with Intellecap to develop a 

GenderXClimate Impact Framework. 

This framework, designed for climate tech businesses whose key beneficiaries

are women and girl communities, provides guidance on how climate tech businesses can integrate gender considerations and positively impact women through inclusion in their operations or through their products/services.

GenderXClimate Impact Framework